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Terms and Conditions
- Your site(s) doesn't have any message boxes
- Your site(s) may not contain any pornographic, hatred or explicit nude content
- Your site(s) doesn't use music, sound or speaking
- Your site(s) doesn't break out of frames
- Your site(s) doesn't use site rotation
- Your site(s) may not stop page rotation
- Your site(s) doesn't use URL or domain forwarding
- Your site(s) doesn't use flyinads,popinads code
- Your account will be deleted if not used for 30 days
- Your account will be deleted if we can not send you e-mails
- Your site(s) must be in English or have an English translation
- You are not allowed to have more than one (1) account
- You are allowed to have one (1) popup
- Only gambling related site(s) will be approved
- Casino Topsite will delete your site(s) or account if there are any problems

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